Monday, January 3, 2011

Week One: Day 3 - how quickly it comes back!

Well I've made it to day 3! And actually, surprisingly today has not been as bad as I had anticipated.  I did my workout, ate my eggs for breakfast, and have been diligently drinking my water.  I can proudly say that I feel SO much better!  I feel fabulous actually! And my skin has already begun to replenish itself from that awful shade of gray.

I love the feeling of taking care of myself.  I wake up in the morning knowing that I completed another full day of doing my body good - another day is under my belt.  I have also started to purposely *gasp* taste food instead of just forking it into my mouth thinking about the food I am going to eat next.  I am snacking on things like apples and carrots instead of just glancing at them in the fridge only to close the door at the thought of having to actually prepare it. 

My workouts are hard.  It's hard to be on a treadmill when you're dying.  But, I know it'll get easier because I've been there before.  And by "there" I mean I've felt the feeling of conquering my pain.  There is nothing like it! It only feels this amazing because it takes a long time and a lot of dedication.  I am focusing on those feelings, knowing that if I push myself hard enough, I can get "there" again. 

I honestly thought I would be using today's post as a way of venting all the feelings of the hatred I have towards this diet.  But here I am, ready to bring on day 4.  I woke up this morning to thoughts of "a brand new slate" to my points instead of "I only get 24 points - eff my life".

If I keep going at this rate, I will succeed.  Tomorrow I am going to a Weight Watcher's meeting.  I am hoping the meeting leader isn't a flake.  I know, I'm mean, but it makes a difference if you go to your meetings wanting to listen to the leader.  I remember when I lived downtown, I would walk to my meetings and happily so because the meeting leader was amazing.  He (yes, HE) was inspiring and interesting.  It has been 4 years since then and I still remember him so that's gotta tell you something.  He ended up leaving to work in B.C or something, and I remember we were all sad to see a strange lady take his place the next week.  Let's just say she was, well, eccentric would probably best describe her.   I ended up quitting after the next week after 10 weeks. 

Anywho, I'm almost half-way through the first week.  Decent.  Weigh-in coming soon! Wait for it...wait. for. it....!

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