Saturday, January 8, 2011

Week Two: Day 1 - I made it!

I made it through a week!  And not only a week but THE week! The one that has the highest rate of failure.  I am proud to say that I have NOT failed.  In fact, I really don't think I have been this motivated in my life.  I have been making very smart choices, choices that I would have never made before.  And it seems as though these choices are snowballing.  The more I make, the more I want to make them.  A first for me. 

I was at my parents house for a visit with the little one last night and of course, it being a Friday evening, pizza for dinner was an obvious choice.  They wanted to order it, but I suggested we have the frozen pizza that I mentioned in one of my previous posts instead.  I couldn't even finish the pizza I was so full.  Instead of shoving it down my throat for the sake of eating it, I put my plate up with my unfinished pieces.  I didn't feel "lacking" in anything.  I participated in the Friday night dinner and didn't blow my diet.  It felt great the next morning when I woke up realizing I was still on track.

Exercise is going well.  I've noticed a slight improvement in my endurance.  I know I'm not starting from square one and that it only gets better from hereon out so that makes me be o.k with working out.  I don't dread it quite as much.  I'm still not quite at the point where I feel free doing it, but like I said, I'm getting closer and closer every time I put those sneaks on.

Joining Weight Watcher's on Tuesday was fine.  I am liking the new program - it's probably the reason for the increase in my smart choices.  My official weigh-in was (drum roll please!) ...... 181.2 lbs. 

Let me explain the number:

1. It was done in the evening,
2. I was wearing clothes,
and 3. I probably weighed a bit more because of Christmas but couldn't bring myself to step on the scale.

I am actually excited to weigh in on Tuesday.  The first one is always the hardest I find.  You have nothing to base it on, and you know you probably haven't been eating very well beforehand.  When I've done the best that I can, I actually feel excitement in stepping on the scale.  This whole journey 'aint that bad afterall.

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